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Anna Ferrari

Graduated with honours in Architecture from Milan Polytechnic, she has been on the Register of Milan Architects since 1996. She worked together with some architectural firms and in 2002 established the Ferrari Scaramelli Arch. Ass. Firm, which stopped its activities in 2014. Since 2015 she has been working as a free independent professional person. The activities carried out in these years, applied to different fields of construction, ranging from public offices to restoration and interior improvement, have covered all phases of design and construction and have required, in more complex cases, to fill the role of Project Manager. The experience gained has enabled her to consolidate the knowledge of the world of construction and private building so as to be able to offer her customers a 360° service that covers all aspects of house building, from the simplest to the most complex.


Architectural Design

Preliminary, final and executive design  Coordination between professionals

Construction management

Technical specifications, compliance verification, cost control, testing

Land Register and amnesties

Land Register survey, variations, amnesties check

Furniture Design

Bespoke furniture designs and purchasing advice

Building practices

CILA, SCIA, Permessi di costruire, Autorizzazioni paesaggistiche, Recuperi di sottotetto

Inquiries and consultations

Conformity assessment planning and consultation survey preliminary to purchasing properties

Prefabrication and green building

Manufacturing systems design in wood prefabrication and with construction techniques of green architecture

Energy saving

Advice on how to improve the energy performance of buildings and related tax benefits

Historical research

Archival, historical and iconographic research into buildings and urban complexes


Anna FerrariArchitect

via Pietro Tamburini 6 . 20123 Milano

M1 . Conciliazione

M2 . Cadorna

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